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The Advantages of Stem Cell Research Stem cells are the source of all the other cells in the body. They are initially found in an embryo whereby they grow, replicate and differentiate into many more different cells. These cells grow separately into different mature cells we have in the body. Regenerative Medicine Stem cells give rise to the rest of the cells. Implying that they are the origin of all cells. For that reason, the medical researchers are looking for ways to enable the specific development of stem cells into particular cells. This would mean that when a part of the tissue is damaged, it can be replaced. This would be a major development in the field of medicine. Meaning diseases such as cancer, type 1 diabetes, stroke, burns and such can be treated by tissue and cells replacement. For instance, an individual ailing from cancer have cancerous cells in a certain body part. Stem cell medicine could replicate cells and tissue to medically remove the cancerous cells and implant healthy cells. Organ Replacement Today, there are many patients who are in hospitals with failed organs. For example, a number of people in the countries experiencing unrest have malfunctioning organs as a result of injuries incurred in the war. There are so many people who are in dire need of organ transplant around the world than the people willing to donate their organs. This ends up in a spike in the mortality rate in the world. The stem cell technology could enable the medical field to develop specific tissues and eventually specific body organs. This would provide a quick and effective method to avail transplant organs to the many patients around the world who are lying waiting for either a donor. This would assist in bringing down the rate of loss of life across the world. Investigating The Safety and Effectiveness of Drugs
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Most drug testing is done on rats and other animals. This is so, since it is a big risk to give human being untested drugs. This absence of human tests has sometimes led it drug poisoning and sometimes end up in death. The most common risk is the occurrence of side effects which ends up lowering the quality of life of the particular victims. To eliminate this, the stem cell developed tissues and specialized cells could be utilized in the drug safety experiments. This could also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug. For example, if a drug for curing cardiac sicknesses is to be tested, cardio cells could be replicated and experimented on, so that the after math can be observed and addressed.
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In the end, stem cells use can no longer be ignored. The benefits to the scientific world are immense. It high time,you contemplate trying stem cells treatment if you are suffering from disease that doesn’t respond to traditional methods.

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